Engineered objects like cars and tech are perfect for animating in 3D. 
We can often get a higher resolution render than a phtography studio and move the camera with microscopic control to show the product in amazingly new ways. 
An edit of three car launch films for Jaguar created during the long days of lockdown. 
This project really gave me the change to develop the sense of detail required to create renders to a much higher standard. 

Director + Lead Animator: Oz Smith
3D Animation: Bruno Borio
Music + Sound Design: Sean Crowley
Producer: Danielle Carter
Studio: Foxtrot Papa, London
Suzuki Swift Sport
What does it look like when a super-hot-hatch is formed from molten metal? 
It looks like this.

This was a fun one as we had no precedent for how it should look. Creating the sentient molten metal went through a number of different incarnations until everyone was happy with the results and the spot became more and more photo-realistic as we went along. 

Director + Lead Animator: Oz Smith
Animation + Fluids: Cornel Swoboda
Additional Animation: Dileepa Solanga
Modelling: Jess Herrera, Mary Jade-Ngo
Music + Sound Design: Sean Crowley
Producer: Charlotte Parsons
Studio: Jumbla, Melbourne

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